Midterm Prototype – Scary Jack-O-Lantern


A prototype for a trick and treat Jack-O Lantern filled with candies. When reaching inside to get candies sonar sensor would trigger loud scary sound and bright pulsating LED strip.


  • The volume of mp3 could not increase
  • The sonar sensor fluctuates and readings would not detect hand at close proximity and could not insert fully into container
  • The 9v power source could not power mp3 and LED strip without distorting sound


  • A more accurate sonar sensor that can register movement within the container
  • Regulate voltage input to play mp3 and LED strip in 1 code and 1 power source
  • Control and Increase sound volume

Iconographic Halloween symbol

Scary Sound and Lights

LED lights brighten closer to Sonar Sensor





Psycho Scream.mp3

Testing scream on Music Maker



Modify wiring diagram for 2 transistors and LED strip- white and amber LED source

Music maker Shield Wiring Sonar sensor


Music maker Shield stacked on Arduino Uno

Bread Board wired for LED strip & Sonar Sensor

2 magnetic 9V speakers

USB cable for Code download & 5V power supply

9V battery

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